Blooming art!

Anyone notice anything different about Kristin Tollefson’s beautiful installation in Chinatown this week?


It bloomed! Go check it out in its final few weeks.


Kristin Tollefson's installation in full bloom

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Here They Come, Part IV: John Fleming

John Fleming created the best piece of public arts Seattle’s got, hands down. If you don’t know the piece, go to the cul-de-sac at EMP at Seattle Center and get yourself a little Grass Blades time.

John Fleming's Grass Blades

We’re proud to be showing John’s newest work as part of the Storefronts Program. Check out his sliced and diced graffiti work in the Tashiro Kaplan building in Pioneer Square. It’s beautiful, mesmerizing, poppy, fun, and smart. We like. A lot.

John Fleming, Sliced and Diced Graffiti

John Fleming's Sliced & Diced Graffiti

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Notice Anything?

Anyone see this little alternative newspaper called… what was it again… The Stranger?

Anyone notice last week’s cover, a photograph of Tom Skerritt by Storefronts Seattle artist Daniel Carrillo?

Carrillo! Viper! Stranger! Fame abounds in Seattle this week.

Anyone happen to see this week’s paper? A little illustration by Storefronts Seattle artists Mike Force and Tom Dewar?

Firebird! Tank Top! Force! Dewar!

Well, I’m just sayin.

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First Thursday Opening Reception

Join us on Thursday, April 7, starting at the xom fine woodworking gallery, for the opening reception for the Spring 2011 round of installations, residencies, and creative enterprises in the Storefronts Seattle program.

We look forward to introducing the program’s artists with a reception at the gallery followed by a walking tour of the participating storefronts (see the map here).

We are also thrilled to introduce to Seattle the new director of the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Mr. Vincent Kitch, who will have landed in Seattle just a few days earlier. Mr. Kitch will deliver a few remarks, we’ll raise a toast to the artists, and head out for the crawl.

Please come by the gallery Thursday evening for some quick remarks at 6pm, followed by a walking tour of the neighborhood. If you’d like to be on the guest list for the evening, please email us here.

See you Thursday night, rain or shine!

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Here They Come, Part III: Romson Regarde Bustillo

As we plunge headlong towards First Thursday and the opening of all of the new Storefronts projects, let’s take a moment in Seattle’s own Hing Hay Park, and look to the north to find Romson Regarde Bustillo‘s newest site-specific work “Dinhi sa paraiso,” or “Here in paradise.”

Romson Bulstillo's Here in paradise in Chinatown / ID's Hing Hay Park

It’s a stunning piece, both during the day and at night. Swing by and take a sneak peek, and then join us for a crawl of all of the spaces next Thursday. Stay tuned for details.


Our thanks as always to SCIDpda for their continued support of the program.

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Here They Come, Part II: The Poster Museum

Mike Force had a vision: to bring Seattle its first ever pop poster museum. Storefronts Seattle is proud to present the realization of that vision, opening soon at 604 Second Avenue.

The Seattle Poster Museum draws from the collections of such contemporary graphic design luminaries as Art Chantry, Shawn Wolfe, Jeff Kleinsmith (SubPop), Daniel R. Smith, Jesse LeDoux, and many more. Oh, and HOLY CRAP does it look great. The salon-style hanging and the crystal-clear prints (many signed) are impressive, and fun, and beautiful, and historic, and.. well, important.

Mike Force's Poster Museum as part of Storefronts Seattle

If you’d like to celebrate some of Seattle’s greatest graphic designers’ celebrations of some of Seattle’s best music, drop in on the Poster Museum, Wednesdays through Saturdays from noon to 6 pm. Or drop by anytime and check out some of the work through the windows.

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Here They Come, Part I: Kristin Tollefson

Our lineup of Spring 2011 artists and projects are starting to roll out! Yay!

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we’ll present them here one at a time. Please also join us in a Storefronts Crawl through Pioneer Square and the Chinatown / International District on April 7 for a tour of all of the participants.

Kristin Tollefson's new work at 409 Maynard Ave S

First up here is Kristin Tollefson, a nationally-shown, well-established Seattle artist, whose public commissions dot the Pacific Northwest. Kristin’s new work, showing at 409 Maynard Avenue South, continues her exploration of the tension between the built and the natural environments. Her beautiful constructions, made from wire, mesh, and other alternative materials, recreate seed pods, branches, pips, and other lushly ornamented natural motifs.

Kritstin says, “I am enchanted with the vacant storefront’s dual potential for adornment and catching passersby by surprise.” Take a walk down Maynard this week and catch yourself by surprise.

Stay tuned as we roll out the rest of Storefronts Seattle’s Spring 2011 artists!

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Alyson Piskorowski Brightens Your Commute

Artist Alyson Piskorowski has been quietly weaving an intricate new Storefronts Installation during these dark winter months. Alyson has transformed a window in a well-traveled corridor at the Vulcan Inc. headquarters into a springtime web of candy colors.  Using drywall mesh tape and wire rope, Alyson’s work is meant to evoke the transience and passage of the corridor, which is heavily trafficked by commuters heading to the International District Transit Tunnel.

The untitled piece is “meant to be viewed from different routes, at different times of day, offering the viewer new encounters from a variety of vantage points and lighting conditions,” explains Alyson.

To find the installation, head to the Vulcan building at 505 5th Ave S in Chinatown-International District.

Photo by Alyson Piskorowski

When facing the building from 5th Ave S, look for the corridor on your left, down the way from the Starbucks.  Alyson’s work will be on display through June 2011.

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Tomorrow night: Here Now Dance Collective at Gallery LUKE

Come out tomorrow night wearing your fanciest raincoat to catch your last First Thursday with this round of Storefronts!

A special treat – LUKE Haynes is hosting the San Francisco-based Here Now Dance Collective, who will perform “Apology Project,” which “looks to expose the guilt, the daily human practice of experiencing shame, apology, and forgiveness,” all along a backdrop of images by Matthew Lewis and Matthew Barkin.

Performances at 7 and 8pm at Gallery LUKE, 604 2nd Ave.

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Applications received!

Wow, Storefronts fans! We just closed the call for 2011 applications last night, and you certainly showed up. We’re still making it through all of them, so if you applied and haven’t heard a confirmation that we’ve received your application, stay tuned – we’ll contact you when we’re done with our preliminary review. Thanks for your enthusiastic interest in the program!

And for those of you who’d rather experience the Storefronts than create them, look for the next round of Storefronts Installations, Residencies, and Creative Enterprise endeavors launching on March 15.

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