Shunpike Proudly Presents Two New Storefronts Installations in Bellevue

Two new Storefront installations – Bike Date by Laura Curry, and Ensembles by Becky Frehse – are now on view at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA, now to September 2018.  Presented by Shunpike as part of its acclaimed Storefronts program, the installations have been sponsored by Meydenbauer Center.

ARTIST: Laura Curry

WORK: Bike Date

Bike Date is a research-based project that documents the experiences of the cyclist while on the road in South and North American cities.

For Storefronts, I choose to uncover the drama – the romance – and intrigue of the cycling experience that is typically invisible to the hell bent motorist.

Because Bike Date is a dialogic project, I am using 2 large format QR codes that also act in dialogue with each other.

At undisclosed times during the 6-month Bike Date installation, unique visual and audio experiences will be accessed by scanning the QR codes with smart phones.

And at undisclosed times, links will be provided for the audience to upload comments to me, and content of your own.

I invite the audience to enter into this dynamic, digital experience framed in cycling.

ARTIST: Becky Frehse

WORK: Ensembles

ENSEMBLES is a mixed-media installation that features boisterous acrylic paintings, reconfigured musical instruments, tree branches as musicians, and whimsical ceramic parts in two tableaux referencing birds in a “green scherzo” and a raucous band of makeshift instrumentation. Becky’s juxtaposition of objects within a framed display window invites the viewer to experience her visual interpretations of waggish musical ideas.

About storefrontsseattle

Activating neighborhoods and overlooked spaces by filling vacant urban spaces with art installations, pop-up boutiques, galleries, and community groups since 2010.
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