Artist Profile: Karrie Hovey

Originally shown as part of Broadside Attractions, Vanquished Terrains at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, in collaboration with poet Elise Ficarra and sound artist Evelyn Ficarra, this ambitious piece was conceived as a response to the extermination of the (human-introduced) Marin white deer at Point Reyes.

Endangered, by Karrie Hovey

Artist Karrie Hovey has created sinuous, evocative deer from needle-felted white wool, with blank eyes and graceful, antlered heads.  Their legs extend and intertwine,rootlike, ending not in hooves, but in a tangle of form in which it is impossible to separate flora from fauna, above ground from below.


white deer gather picking their way through forest litter

bodies alert to hunters’ snaps in the brush

bucks rake antlers against trunks and branches does nudge fawns

in a blink they multiply devouring meadow grass

unhinged by their bleats and bellows

hopped a train from Eurasia crossed oceans to get here

now they are eating the frame from the window nibbling the tips of your sheets

new moon they peer into your dream

hoof prints root in the earth of your flesh

stranded as you are without their alien light…”

– Elise Ficarra

More information on the artist can be found here:  Karrie Hovey


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2 Responses to Artist Profile: Karrie Hovey

  1. That is my favorite thing I have seen perhaps all year! This is really cool!

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