Just in time for winter – Water, water everywhere in South Lake Union

Shunpike’s Storefronts program returns to South Lake Union with a new series for the dark days of winter. From 3-D abstractions to carousel horses, manipulated photos of water, kinetic birds, and needle-felted white deer, we are proud to present these eight new installations from our roster.

Through March 2, 2015

Cochran SS bbdtl1Kristen Cochran
soak stain-bleed bloom

To mix, to stir, to dunk, to dye, to drop, to soak, to fold, to slather: these drawings index the residue of simple physical processes set into motion. Folded, gridded paper serves as support for alchemical investigations- a type of proto-scientific play in which dry pigment and dye, iodine and ink and their respective solvents, soak, stain, bleed and bloom into enigmatic, hands-off images that map both body and psyche.

Gavlin - tree - Installation2013Jennifer Gavlin
Into the Woods

Branches appear, not in their natural surroundings, but emerging from the flat, straight background of a manmade structure, an exercise in contrast and texture. Take a detour from the stolid city buildings and into the woods.  Can you see the trees as they grow back behind these flat, plain walls?  “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep…”


Anjali Grant
Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire is a kinetic stage-set, an exploded cuckoo clock, a play on inside and outside, on gravity, on the act of looking. The casual observer may see stillness or movement at any given moment, doubt their vision, rub their eyes and look again.

Holt - Lily Belle and StargazerFran Holt
Lily Belle and Stargazer

Lily Belle and Stargazer is from the series of large carousel horse paintings called The Secret Lives of Carousel Horses. Exploring happiness and freedom, leaving the carousel life behind, these figures prance away to discover new and interesting lives. They are light-hearted avatars, created with painterly attention to elements that reinforce a sense of joyous, self-chosen freedom.

HoveyKarrie Hovey

Endangered references the Marin white deer, two Asian species introduced at Point Reyes, CA in the mid-century. Today there are no active breeding populations due to intentional extermination, and the remaining Marin white deer are expected to die out within the next 10 years. Made of needle-felted white wool, these ghostly deer reappear as vanquished figures, bound with limbs twining them together. Corresponding to the phases of time, the states of matter, and the cycles of life, these figures remind us of our inextricable relationships in the world.

WinterBlues - MillettJake Millett
Light and Line

Windows are a passage between two worlds, the inner and the outer. With reflections and layers of lines Light and Line plays with these notions, placing the viewer within the window amid chaos and movement. Dynamic from every angle, with uncertain depth and a vibration of line, this piece changes as you pass, expanding on Millett’s graphic and painted works into a fractured landscape.

Nappa - Water print copyLisa Nappa

Water can be controlled, contained and directed – these manipulated digital images using water as a subject subtly challenge our vision, our grasp on ephemeral and liquid states, the magic of a single moment that cannot be held.

Tanaka000119_489676_918957_1957Michiko Tanaka

Artist and scenic designer Michiko Tanaka’s Underwater installation is influenced by her stint as a stained glass artist working in churches and cathedrals. She uses traditional theatre set painting and lighting techniques to create a simulacrum of a stained glass window influenced by Japanese fables.



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