Shunpike announces seventeen brand-new Storefronts projects for the January 2014 roster.

100 Senators, by Paul Komada

100 Senators, by Paul Komada


Seventeen brand new projects arrive on the Storefronts roster, with everything from motion activated bubble machines, a pop-up store dedicated to all things felt, and experimental sound laboratories.  

These installations and projects will be placed as sites are found over the next 18 months, adding to the breadth and depth of our urban culture, providing young artists with a chance to have a dedicated space for a longer period than a gallery show, and putting light and creativity back out into our dark storefronts and out into our streets for everyone.

Please join us in congratulating these artists and welcoming them to the Storefronts roster!


Framework will bring their interactive, 24/7 interactive photo booth Neighborhood Yearbook to the streets as a way to document all the faces in our neighborhoods and provide opportunities to engage with strangers.

Seattle design collective Frankenstein, Inc. will engage with the transformation of the Seattle waterfront with an interactive sculpture utilizing digitally cut forms and responsive projection mapping, exploring the world beneath the waves in Puget Sound.

Local artist Dakota Gearhart will create a site-specific installation featuring an all –white landscape, projection through crystal lenses, and manipulated video from Google Earth for distinct daytime and nighttime environments.

Artist and architect Anjali Grant brings a flock of cutout, counterweighted birds sitting on a wire, subtly and surprisingly animated by clock motors throughout the day.

As Paul Komada so elegantly states, “I think about knitting when I paint.  I think about painting when I knit.”   His large-scale knitted modernist constructions offer bold and modular abstracted “paintings” in the urban landscape.

Inspired by the brook stickleback fish that inhabit Lake Washington, Eric Ostrowski’s looped sound and video animation brings the region’s history as a fishing town into meditative, glowing form.

Media artist Tivon Rice and poet Hannah Sanghee Park seek to site poetry in space via animated text and multiple video projections, incorporating the logic of poetry into the language of video.

First exhibited in Beijing, Black Bubble Calligraphy by Chip Rountree and Bradford Kessler features motion sensitive fans, a bubble machine, and an accumulation of soap bubbles mixed with calligraphy ink; building up subtle ink drawings over time.

Anastasia Zielinski, working primarily in fibers and mixed media, envisions an immersive painterly nighttime landscape in a storefront, fracturing the images into materials and then reforming into landscape at a distance.

Tape Painting 1405, by Foster Scott (Courtesy of Place Contemporary [Art] )

Tape Painting 1405, by Foster Scott (Courtesy of Place Contemporary [Art] )

Creative Enterprises:

PLACE Contemporary [ Art ]  brings a new contemporary art gallery pop-up to Storefronts, focused on affordable art and works on paper from West Coast emerging and mid-career artists; including Nathaniel Gibson of Portland, Timothy Reed of Los Angeles, and Seattle artists such as Julia Haack, Nina Tichava, and Dante Brebner.

Old Growth Northwest Writers Space adds to Seattle’s reputation as a literary town with another dedicated space for writers and readers in the Pacific Northwest, featuring an active drop-in writing lab open to the public, readings, one-on-one consultations, and ongoing workshops for writers and non-writers alike.

Collective Art Relay by Path With Art will present a series of ongoing workshops for students of the Path for Art program, supporting adults in recovery from homelessness and trauma.  Instructors Rachel Kessler, Kristen Ramirez, Pamm Hanson, and Jennifer Dixon will present a series of open-ended art experiences which will then be passed along as a prompt to succeeding groups of students.

Grain Open Studio has been featured in national and international design publications, and will feature emerging Pacific Northwest designers and craftspeople in a gallery and demonstration space as part of their dedication to social and environmental responsibility in design.

In Search of Lost Time is a site-specific gallery of 6 young artists exploring 6 different disciplines in relationship to architecture and history.  Engaged with the transitions taking place in Seattle’s urban fabric, this gallery will function as an long-term, site-specific studio, installation and performance space, culminating in a month-long show upon completion of the collaborative landscape.

Felt That brings a pop-up workshop space, gallery, and community hub to artists and craftspeople dedicated to working in wool and wool felting, including a connection to local wool suppliers in the Pacific Northwest.

FeedBack Sound Laboratory from Robb Kunz, an open studio lab featuring over 20 synchronized kinetic sound installations, some of which are in the production and testing process.  Visitors will be invited to assist with testing the sound sculptures if they desire, or simply listen.  At the end of the lab, the artist will coordinate a 40 minute showing of the works, open to the public during open hours, and by appointment.

Grey Matter  is an experimental sound pop-up featuring local composers John TeskeJames Holt, and Nat Evans,featuring workshops, instrument-building sessions, concerts, open rehearsal sessions, and site-specific performances in the surrounding neighborhood.  Open to the public, accessible to both trained and untrained musicians, this project seeks to provide a hub for the experimental sound community in the Pacific Northwest.

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Activating neighborhoods and overlooked spaces by filling vacant urban spaces with art installations, pop-up boutiques, galleries, and community groups since 2010.
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