The Sporozoan Swarm Descends on the Auburn Avenue Theatre

The Sporozoan Swarm Descends on the Auburn Avenue Theatre

Sporozoan Swarm by RoyBoy Chalmers

Seattle artist RobRoy Chalmers has inserted the newest variation of his Sporozoan Swarm installation into the windows of the historic Auburn Avenue Theatre on Auburn Way.  Winding trails of tiny intaglio prints torn into small squares swoop and dip through the windows, suggesting ant trails, footprints in snow, or the massing of a crowd.

 Chalmers, a long-time Seattle artist and native of New York City, says:

The Sporozoan is a practice, which requires discipline, meditation and attention to detail, it delves into me like needles through the skin forcing the imagery to become one with the idea. I am The Sporozoan: the invasive species crawling into your head making you find pleasure in the vision before you, making you question your subjectivity and your objectivity with the desire to reel you in searching for more.

RobRoy Chalmers is a West Seattle based artist who is currently represented by Artist-Studios, based in New York City, and has been active for over 20 years.

Through March 2014
Auburn Avenue Theatre
10 Auburn Avenue, Auburn, WA

Property and sponsorship courtesy of the City of Auburn.

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