Exquisite corpse installation #2 coming to Chutney’s: Jennifer Zwick!

Lamps Meninas
by Jennifer Zwick

La(mp)s Meninas by Diego Velasquez (Creative Commons)

La(mp)s Meninas by Diego Velasquez (original image courtesy Creative Commons)

SHUNPIKE is proud to announce Jennifer Zwick as the next contributor to the “Exquisite Corpse” Storefront at the Stream 15 development on Capitol Hill. 

Continuing the great tradition of re-envisioning Diego Velazquez’ canonical painting Las Meninas, Jennifer Zwick presents Lamps Meninas.  This simple, striking installation will recreate the composition of the famous painting, with the key players represented by various types of lighting fixtures.

A funny, aesthetically lovely way to shepherd in our darker months, Zwick’s installation will inhabit the interior of the former Chutney’s restaurant, incorporating some visual elements of the old bar, as well as adding depth and illumination to Greg Lewis’ exterior installation Boxed Up.

Painted by Diego Velazquez in 1656, Las Meninas seems made to be recreated.  Not just a painting within a painting (though it does feature other works within), it is instead the painting of a painting.  The artifice of this work is its behind-the-scenes nature, depicting Velazquez standing at a large canvas, working on a portrait of the King and Queen (seen reflected in a mirror in the background).  Meanwhile, the Royal court are gathered to watch him work, including La Infanta Margarita and her attendants.  As the viewer is inevitably situated exactly where the King and Queen would be located to pose for Velazquez, to the viewer’s perspective, these backstage figures and the production of the “painting” are the main subjects; but from the perspective of the figures in the painting, the viewer (in the role of the Royal couple) becomes the subject.

Property courtesy of sustainable development company Stream Real Estate LLC.

Please join us for the opening of Lamps Meninas during October’s Blitz Capitol Hill Art walk:

605 15th Avenue East, Capitol Hill, Seattle
Thursday, October 10, 2013
5 – 8 PM

Lamps Meninas will be on display through December 2013

About Shunpike:

Our mission is to fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds.

Shunpike provides assistance in areas like fundraising and strategic planning when many arts groups need that support more than ever before. We provide groups with back-office services that strengthen their day-to-day operations, while also offering strategic guidance that leads them toward their long-term goals.

About Stream Real Estate LLC:

Stream Real Estate LLC creates sophisticated, contemporary apartments in the most sought-after Seattle Metro neighborhoods using energy-efficient, earth-friendly products and business practices. Their apartments are teeming with amenities while focused on carbon neutral status from construction. For more go to www.streamre.com

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    Another new Seattle project in Capitol Hill!

  2. Barbara Shaiman says:

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    • Hi Barbara,
      I’m not sure I have the ability to change your email, as it’s whatever email you have set to receive blog notifications from WordPress, correct? Let me know if I understand your request correctly – I’m happy to update if I can, but I believe this is out of my control.

      Anne Blackburn
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