Hometown favorites Massive Monkees have a home!

Storefronts is extremely proud to announce that one of our pop-up creative enterprises, accomplished breakdancing crew Massive Monkees, has signed a long-term lease with Coho Real Estate, a partner property company in the International District.

Anna Banana Freeze

Anna Banana Freeze teaching the Mini Breaks class – breakin’ for toddlers. (Photo courtesy Massive Monkees)

Founded in 1999, Massive Monkees were selected for the 2012 Storefronts roster and moved into the Milwaukee Hotel storefront in December 2012 to begin their “hip-hop academy”, Massive Monkees:  The Beacon.   In their words:

The studio aims to be a “beacon” of light to guide the next generation of dancers, artists, and creative minds in our community. We will use the space to help guide, mentor, and develop young artists into leaders, continuing the tradition that was passed along to us.

Since receiving their space in December of 2012, the Monkees have offered classes for hundreds of students of all ages, including free classes and after-school programs, and helped neighboring business World Pizza sell a LOT of slices.   A very successful Kickstarter campaign this spring raised $32,000 to stabilize the Beacon and make improvements to the space, including soundproofing, with the goal of becoming permanent tenants.   And now they are.

Storefronts congratulates the hardworking Monkees on their permanent home and is proud to have played a role in fostering this talented crew into a fully-fledged arts business.   Not to mention they kill it on the floor, as seen in this semi-final battle at R16 in Seoul.

Now, aren’t some breaking classes in order?

Massive Monkees:  The Beacon is located at 664 South King Street, Seattle

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