Boxed Up with Greg Lewis on 15th

A few months ago Storefronts was approached by Stream Real Estate, a sustainable development company in Seattle, with an intriguing prospect:  would we like to use the former Chutney’s Grille building in Capitol Hill as an installation site, with few restrictions on what we could do with the building?

The answer:  a resounding YES.

As a result of this unique partnership, local artist and architect Greg Lewis is the first of three artists installing in and on the building prior to demolition in February of 2014.

Framed as a riff on the Surrealist exquisite corpse game, the series of three installations will build on each other for the duration of the Storefronts project and be removed or become part of the demolition of the building.

Greg Lewis
Boxed Up

Opening during Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk
August 8 from 6-9PM
605 15th Avenue East, across from the Canterbury

Special musical guest:  Postcard from the Badlands at 7PM.

His installation Boxed Up “highlights the multiple forms architecture takes on through it’s often brief lifetime. The Chutney’s building was originally constructed in 1941 as a filling station, it also served as a dry cleaner and several restaurants.  In this final iteration the compiled form of the structure is wholly expressed while boxing up any useful function and memory.”

As a local artist and architectural designer with experience in large-scale art installations, Lewis has worked with local and international professional artists, including Lead Pencil Studio, creating both public and gallery sculpture at the architectural scale.  Lewis often uses commonplace materials as a means to transform everyday spaces and objects, and he inaugurates this project with an ambitious exterior sculpture that resonates with past and future developments on Capitol Hill.

Through February 2014, with a new artist adding to the installation in October and December 2013.

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