Storefronts Seattle is proud to announce the 2013-2014 artist roster!

Joe Page

Joe Page

Storefronts Seattle is proud to announce its

2013-2014 Artist Roster

Sixty-seven incredibly cool projects from local and national artists will activate empty storefronts throughout Seattle’s retail cores this year.

Get your first sneak-peek here.

Storefronts Seattle. Saving America, one storefront at a time.

Storefronts Seattle is an urban renewal program devoted to re-invigorating the public’s experience of our retail cores. We place artists and their projects into vacant retail storefronts in various downtown neighborhoods. Storefronts is a project of Shunpike.

In the coming year, you’ll see an 18-foot-wide glowing long-eared owl.  You’ll see a video installation that watches the audience and reacts to them in real-time.  You’ll see 20 eight-foot-tall carousel horses placed throughout a storefront.  You’ll see a boutique that sells nothing but hand-cut “boot keepers” (trust us, this one is going to be the break-out fashion project of the year).  You’ll see a Tiki Town photo studio, a gaggle of new galleries, an almost infinite number of new installations, and more.

We have recently finished our annual call for artists’ proposals and panel review, and what follows is the roster of projects to emerge from that process. Some of these projects are static display Installations, created by an artist (or group of artists) that is experienced by the public through closed doors.

Some of the projects are Creative Enterprises, which are the open-door, regular-hours galleries, boutiques, museums, and other pop-up operations and installations that the public can go into and experience immersively.

These projects fill available vacant storefronts spaces in our program neighborhoods (which are always expanding, but currently include Pioneer Square, the International District, South Lake Union, Belltown, and Capitol Hill). The projects change on (roughly) three-month rotations, keeping the streetscape lively, energized, activated, bright, walkable, clean, and safe.

Storefronts – – is dedicated to supporting the vitality and artfulness of Seattle’s most trafficked areas. We present short-term pop-up arts activations of vacant real estate, partnering with neighborhoods, local property owners, and artists to inject a bit of brightness into some of out retail cores’ dark corners.

Shunpike – – is the nonprofit agency that fuels innovation in the arts. Its fiscal sponsorship and Arts Business Clinic programs provide operational and strategic resources to hundreds of arts groups and projects each year. Through Storefronts, Shunpike expands the incubation services it provides to creative entrepreneurs, and serves as the essential hub for the business, neighborhood, government and arts community stakeholders participating in the program.

Jeff Harms

Jeff Harms

Installations Roster 2013-2014

Natasha Bacca
Memento Mori

Evan Blackwell

Susan Brown
Steampunk Travel for Ladies & Gentlemen

Shannon Carpenter
The Swimming Pool

Rob Roy Chalmers
The Sporozoan Swarm

Peter Christenson
Bacon, Supermonkey, and Neo-Marxism for Tarnished Souls

Ling Chun
The Wave

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams >> Beautiful New World…)

Anna-Lizette Conner

Greg Corso
In Bloom

Sky Darwin
Shiftwood Sculpture: Illuminating the Stories of the Landscape

Aitana de la Jara
The 99 Critical Shots in Pool

Karen deLuna
Ning Ning

Ellen Dicola
Palimpsest: All the Places I’ve Lived

Joseph Ekloff

Adele Eustis

Sydney Farrer
Laurel’s Bath

Ryan Finnerty
Storefronts Portraits

Bill Finger
Storefront Landscape

Pete Fleming and Allyce Wood

Allison Foshee
The Motherboard

Elizabeth Gahan
Synthetic Growth

Jenifer Gavlin

Aaliyah Gupta

Jeff Harms
Ganzfield III

Vin Hill

Fran Holt
The Secret Lives of Carousel Horses

Karrie Hovey
To Be Determined

Joyce Hsu

Clare Johnson
Drawing from Literature

Sarah Jones

Jessi Li and George Rodriguez
The Odyssey

Kelsey Lieb
Spirit Vessels

Sarah Lovett
Giant Long Eared Owl Puppet

Anna Maddocks
We Build a Home to Let in the Wind

Ken Marulis
When Words Fail, Route to Root

Jen Mitsuko
The Lovers

Katherine Noel
Let the Pages Tell the Story

Joe Page
Flow Chart Series

Paige Pauli
Enteroctopus Dofleini

Luis Pinto
Finding the Spirit in the Space

Annie Price
Solo v Duet

Joel Pryde
Cubic Rain

Ingrid Shults
Look at Me: Listen to Me: Speak to Me

Kathleen Skeels
Hard Times

Kristin Thomas
Snowflakes: Observational Tips and Tools

Sylwia Tur

Cynthia Turner

Ioana Urma
The Kiss

Rodrigo Valenzuela
Maria TV

David Walega
A Day in the Life

Rickie Wolfe
Large Scale Ink Drawing

Creative Enterprise Roster 2013-2014

A-Rock-and-Seeds Growing Kits
a boutique shop by Libby Gerber

Amigos Gallery and Skate Space
a gallery by Sasha Barr

Delicious Science – Food as a Living Art
a working food art studio by Maxime Billet

Design / Dialogue / Think Tank
an exhibit and resource space by the Seattle Architecture Foundation

Dugay Na
an open studio storefront by Romson Bustillo

Favorite Arts Projects Space
a gallery and workshop by Tova Cubert

The Gallery Inhabited
a furniture and art gallery by Sarah Brooks

Interstitial Theater’s Gallery
a video and new media gallery

Keeper Goods Shop
a boutique shop by Phyllis Chu

Laser Cutter Café
a maker space by Derek Gaw

Local Goods
a boutique shop by Catherine Hubert

Pop-Up Museum of Heritage
a cultural history museum by Joan Rudd

a people of color salon by Karen Toeringand c Davida Ingram

Tiki Town
a photo studio by Seattle Retro Photography

Vertex Gallery
a digital arts gaming gallery by Jonathan Cooper

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About storefrontsseattle

Activating neighborhoods and overlooked spaces by filling vacant urban spaces with art installations, pop-up boutiques, galleries, and community groups since 2010.
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