The Third Floor in the Abandoned Publix Hotel

is the creepiest place in Seattle. Hands down. There is no creepier spot. Except maybe the fourth floor of the abandoned Publix Hotel. The Publix was built in 1928 and for nearly eight decades housed itinerant workers in six stories of small, functional, alienating, boxes with a toilet down the hall. Walking through the halls today you can feel layers of the past as tangible, heavy scrims through which you have to pass. Something of the squalor that lived here never left.

This is all true, I’m not sitting by a campfire with a flashlight beneath my face, it’s only coincidence that I’m telling you this on October 31. I mention it because while we’ve been programming incredible projects into the lobby of the old Publix for more than a year now, we’ve never really had artists explore the upstairs as a creative space. Until now.

Memory Loss Bank is a long-term project of Adam Sekuler, filmmaker, and Shannon Stewart, choreographer. Together they’ve spent the past year creating cinematic and choreographic projects exploring memory and mental function. Tonight we’ll be screening Third Floor, a short film in the MLB series, created on the third floor of the Publix Hotel. The film will be shown on a continuous loop on the front windows of the hotel, tonight, Halloween, from dusk til midnight.




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Activating neighborhoods and overlooked spaces by filling vacant urban spaces with art installations, pop-up boutiques, galleries, and community groups since 2010.
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3 Responses to The Third Floor in the Abandoned Publix Hotel

  1. jennytucker says:

    I have a special fondness for this hotel, and hope the screening is ongoing so i get a chance to see what has been done in this very historical special place.

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