Pretty Pictures, And Real Big

I love Perri Lynch‘s photographic work. Her images are lush and rich, the subject matter at once completely urban and restoratively bucolic.

And right now, they’re installed on 3rd Ave South in Pioneer Square (on the west side of the Tashiro Kaplan Building), and they’re almost taller than I am. They’re gigantic, and beautiful, and there for a short time, so get down there and look at them!

Perri Lynch’s newest work on 3rd Avenue South at S Washington St

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Activating neighborhoods and overlooked spaces by filling vacant urban spaces with art installations, pop-up boutiques, galleries, and community groups since 2010.
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3 Responses to Pretty Pictures, And Real Big

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  3. rooibosandmint says:

    I remember walking by this installation in the mornings, on the way to work. Very peaceful, calming, beautiful.

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