Downtown Shooting at 20 Paces

Youth in Focus is amazing, by the way. They’re an arts program that puts cameras and photographic training into the hands and brains of low-income urban teens. Taught by professional photographers and teaching artists, these kids explore new ways of seeing their world, a world to which you and I don’t generally have access. The work is important and the images are stunning.

Youth in Focus' 20 Paces Project at the Hartford Building

This summer, Youth in Focus will be using their residency at 604 Second Avenue in the Hartford Building in Pioneer Square to shoot their 20 Paces project, where the kids are tasked with photographing anything they can see from within 20 paces of the storefront door.

20 Paces

They’ve just started, and the images are already starting to show up on the group’s Facebook page and are really beautiful. Check it out online and in person, Wednesdays through Sundays.

20 Paces from the door, inside or outside

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