Launch success!

Storefronts Seattle opened Round 2 to much success last night!  The evening kicked off with a celebration for Storefronts artists, where City Councilmember Sally Clark praised the positive impact the program has had on South Downtown Seattle. The Storefronts were active and hopping–some highlights of the night:

Councilmember Sally Clark speaks to Storefronts artists and supporters.

  • The grand opening party for Matthew Richter’s xom fine furniture gallery, where we spotted multiple members of the band AWESOME (who performed a one-day piece in the very same storefront in October).
  • A visit to Mia Yoshihara-Bradshaw Design, filled with delightful and affordable items made by local artists.  (Check out the adorable hand-knit fingerless gloves).
  • Viewing Ben Zamora and Etta Lilienthal’s portrait + landscape above Hing Hay Park, which illuminates Hing Hay Park with soft blue, purple, and bright orange light in an ever-changing, never the same pattern. Around the corner, Paul McKee’s Rosetta Stone intrigues and delights with its apart-but-yet-together panels of reflection. A quick jaunt down Maynard leads to Celeste Cooning’s intricate A Brighter Day, a brightly-lit winter wonderland of white paper shapes.
  • Watching kids (and adults) squeal over James Barker’s incredible Metal Land in Occidental Park – a gorgeous, colorful, and intricate prehistoric scene. (Look for the owls in the tree, they’re our favorite).
  • Catching a glimpse of the eerie candle-lit installation of “12+ can phones” in the TK Basement by Tom Maul and Robert Hutchinson.

Peering in to James Barker's "Metal Land"

Come visit the Storefronts yourself!  They’ll be up through February 28, 2011.

About storefrontsseattle

Activating neighborhoods and overlooked spaces by filling vacant urban spaces with art installations, pop-up boutiques, galleries, and community groups since 2010.
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