Artist Profile: Jake Millett

A native Seattleite, Jake Millett introduces Light and Line as part of the December 5 South Lake Union Art Walk.

A painter and illustrator, his crisp and linear paintings are given a foray into the 3-dimensional in his South Lake Union installation.  Mirrored plexiglass, ribbon, tape, and window paint are all employed to create a shifting, confounding landscape that both reflects and ensnares the viewer.


Millett says:

“Windows are a passage between two worlds, the inner and the outer. With reflections and layers of lines, Light and Line plays with these notions, placing the viewer within the window amongst the chaos and movement created by the layers of lines. Mirror makes the depth of the piece uncertain, and it alters as the viewer traverses the work, light pulsates and dances between the layers of lines as ones moves. The viewer is allowed to immerse themselves in the work, a playful and dynamic piece that should be viewed from every angle and in motion. My traditional two-dimensional graphic work moves into the third dimension in this site specific installation, exploring a new world of possibilities.”


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Just in time for winter – Water, water everywhere in South Lake Union

Shunpike’s Storefronts program returns to South Lake Union with a new series for the dark days of winter. From 3-D abstractions to carousel horses, manipulated photos of water, kinetic birds, and needle-felted white deer, we are proud to present these eight new installations from our roster.

Cochran SS bbdtl1Kristen Cochran
soak stain-bleed bloom

To mix, to stir, to dunk, to dye, to drop, to soak, to fold, to slather: these drawings index the residue of simple physical processes set into motion. Folded, gridded paper serves as support for alchemical investigations- a type of proto-scientific play in which dry pigment and dye, iodine and ink and their respective solvents, soak, stain, bleed and bloom into enigmatic, hands-off images that map both body and psyche.

Gavlin - tree - Installation2013Jennifer Gavlin
Into the Woods

Branches appear, not in their natural surroundings, but emerging from the flat, straight background of a manmade structure, an exercise in contrast and texture. Take a detour from the stolid city buildings and into the woods.  Can you see the trees as they grow back behind these flat, plain walls?  “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep…”


Anjali Grant
Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire is a kinetic stage-set, an exploded cuckoo clock, a play on inside and outside, on gravity, on the act of looking. The casual observer may see stillness or movement at any given moment, doubt their vision, rub their eyes and look again.

Holt - Lily Belle and StargazerFran Holt
Lily Belle and Stargazer

Lily Belle and Stargazer is from the series of large carousel horse paintings called The Secret Lives of Carousel Horses. Exploring happiness and freedom, leaving the carousel life behind, these figures prance away to discover new and interesting lives. They are light-hearted avatars, created with painterly attention to elements that reinforce a sense of joyous, self-chosen freedom.

HoveyKarrie Hovey

Endangered references the Marin white deer, two Asian species introduced at Point Reyes, CA in the mid-century. Today there are no active breeding populations due to intentional extermination, and the remaining Marin white deer are expected to die out within the next 10 years. Made of needle-felted white wool, these ghostly deer reappear as vanquished figures, bound with limbs twining them together. Corresponding to the phases of time, the states of matter, and the cycles of life, these figures remind us of our inextricable relationships in the world.

WinterBlues - MillettJake Millett
Light and Line

Windows are a passage between two worlds, the inner and the outer. With reflections and layers of lines Light and Line plays with these notions, placing the viewer within the window amid chaos and movement. Dynamic from every angle, with uncertain depth and a vibration of line, this piece changes as you pass, expanding on Millett’s graphic and painted works into a fractured landscape.

Nappa - Water print copyLisa Nappa

Water can be controlled, contained and directed – these manipulated digital images using water as a subject subtly challenge our vision, our grasp on ephemeral and liquid states, the magic of a single moment that cannot be held.

Tanaka000119_489676_918957_1957Michiko Tanaka

Artist and scenic designer Michiko Tanaka’s Underwater installation is influenced by her stint as a stained glass artist working in churches and cathedrals. She uses traditional theatre set painting and lighting techniques to create a simulacrum of a stained glass window influenced by Japanese fables.



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The Storefronts program debuts at Seattle Center!

Shunpike is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership at Seattle Center with the Office of Arts & Culture, Seattle Center, and the Office of the Waterfront.

The program debuts October 16 at Seattle Center’s International Fountain Rooms, featuring artist Alexander Keyes and local design team Frankenstein, Inc. Exploring our maritime city through interactive web-based work and installation, both projects offer a meditative view of human activity on and around the sea.

International Fountain Pavilion (west of the International Fountain) (map)
Seattle Center • 7AM – midnight • October 16, 2014 – December 31, 2014

Frankenstein Inc theOctahedron-1024x681Frankenstein, Inc, Octohedron, Seattle Design Festival

Frankenstein Inc.
Local design team Frankenstein Inc. presents Attraction — an interactive video installation exploring the human attraction to life at the water’s edge. This projection of human movement through the city will feature a map of Seattle as reported by visitors to their website, which will go live on October 16, 2014. The dynamic map of reported activity will be rear-projected onto a clear acrylic panel routed with forms inspired by the barnacles, bivalves, and crustaceans that also inhabit these margins.


Alexander Keyes, From the Depths (detail)

Alexander Keyes

From the Depths

From the Depths is a site-specific mixed media and video installation suggesting a fantastical maritime journey seen through the workshop of a restless traveler. The son of a merchant marine, Alexander Keyes seeks to “…(look) to the sea as an infinite space of speculation, revealing my desire to confront the unknown and my daydreams on the possibilities that exist within massiveness.”


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Shunpike is proud to announce a new series of Storefronts art installations at Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Center, featuring Paul E McKee and K C Madsen.

Originally posted on Storefronts Bellevue:

The Storefronts initiative seeks to create dynamic, walkable cultural environments in our cities and provide opportunities for emerging artists across Washington State by placing art installations in vacant real estate and underutilized spaces. We are delighted continue our vital partnership with the Meydenbauer Center and the City of Bellevue as part of our vibrant Eastside cultural community.

September 26 – December 25, 2014

Meydenbauer Center
11100 NE 6th Street, Bellevue, WA

KC Madsen, ElementsK C Madsen, Elements

K C Madsen, hailing from Vancouver, WA, presents her rich, textural technique of three-dimensional painting in her large works Tide and Elements.  Imbued with the solidity of metal and offering intimate painterly surfaces, her works are in fact created of industrial paper, paint, and encaustic and reward a view with their intimate details.

“Seemingly random juxtapositions of color, texture, movement, space, and structure convey to me Blake’s view of the nature of being and…

View original 347 more words

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Join us for a guided tour of South Lake Union Storefronts!

Photo courtesy Paul Komada

Going Cascade, By Paul Komada

Shunpike’s Storefronts program returns with a guided walking tour of all 8 current Storefronts installations as part of the August 1 South Lake Union Art Walk. 

Featuring:  Harmony Boom, Celeste Cooning, Bradly Gunn, Julia Haack, Paul Komada, Kelly June Mitchell, Liz Tran, and Anastasia Zielinski.

Come take a walk through the neighborhood with Storefronts manager Anne Blackburn as she introduces the work and the artist to speak about their work and creative process.  Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing suggested.

South Lake Union Art Walk and guided tour August 1, 2014, 6 – 7PM
(Meet at Boren Ave N and John Street at 6PM)
Look for Program Manager Anne Blackburn in the “I heart Shunpike” t-shirt

South Lake Union Art Walk runs from 5PM – 8PM at over 30 locations around South Lake Union.  More info:

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Art for Food and Our Fabric Stash join the list of Storefronts success stories!

Storefronts is delighted to announce that two more independent pop-up projects have successfully converted to small businesses due to their hard work and the grant of free space provided by Storefronts.

ArtforFood-AndrewPogue-kitchen-WaterfrontArt for Food (Photo courtesy Andrew Pogue Photography)

These two ventures, Imagine Food (formerly Art for Food) and Our Fabric Stash join the Seattle Pinball Museum, Tuesday Scarves, Massive Monkees, and others in successful conversion from Storefronts projects into permanent local businesses, adding richness and diversity to our neighborhood economies.   


Chef Maxime Bilet and friends are now long-term tenants at 1001 Western Avenue, thanks to JSH Properties and Waterfront Place!

Rebranding the Art for Food project as IMAGINE FOOD, this food science kitchen presents a teaching dinner series, themed dinners exploring cuisines and history, and food science play days for kids young and old.


Sustainable fabric consignment and upcycling boutique Our Fabric Stash has converted to a commercial tenant at 666 South Jackson street courtesy of SCIDpda’s tireless efforts with the landlord and proprietor Deborah Boone’s business savvy.  Featured guest speakers include Stacey Harvey-Brown from the UK on Sunday, July 13, 2014, exploring the role of color in textiles.

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Eight vibrant new Storefronts installations come to shore in South Lake Union!

Study for Reflections on Future's Past, by Bradly GunnStudy for Reflections of Future’s Past  by Bradly Gunn

Shunpike is very proud to announce our new series of Storefronts installations in South Lake Union, featuring Harmony Boom, Celeste Cooning, Bradly Gunn, Julia Haack, Paul Komada, Kelly June Mitchell, Liz Tran, and Anastasia Zielinski.

From a series of reflective urban erasures from Bradly Gunn, a giant knitted map of the US by Paul Komada, and the donut-loving soft sculpture characters of Olympia duo Harmony Boom, these installations are by turns festive and contemplative, turning the focus to our city, our histories (both personal and cultural), and the landscapes we inhabit.

Through October 15, 2014 in South Lake Union

Mercer, Republican, Harrison, Thomas, and John Streets between Boren Ave N and Westlake Ave N
Google Map

South Lake Union Art Walk and guided tour with Storefront Program Manager Anne Blackburn August 1, 2014, 6PM
(Meet at Boren Ave N and John Street)


Mercer Street at Terry Ave N

Kelly June Mitchell

Hollow Home 

Reaching into our past, longing for the comfort and structure of the ideal childhood home, Kelly June Mitchell has created a series of suspended sculptural houses and cast plaster forms suggesting a longing for a nostalgic, beautiful past just out of reach.

Paul Komada

Paul Komada - Going Cascade - South Lake Union - credit Komada 1000x1000
Going Cascade

Local artist Paul Komada explores the breakneck pace of transformation in South Lake Union via his large-scale knitted map of the US.   Each knitted square is placed to express the energy of the population moving to the Pacific Northwest and the echoes of an earlier migration to the area around the turn of the 19th Century, whose remnants are in turn being replaced by today’s boom.   


Republican Street at Terry Ave N

Liz Tran

Endless Wave

Symbolizing change and growth, Liz Tran’s Endless Wave installation features layers of colorful cut paper, dynamic lighting, and a collection of salvaged fishing floats echoing the changing moods of maritime landscapes both day and night.


Harrison Street at Boren Ave N

Julia Haack

Arboreal Amulets

Blending many influences, Julia Haack’s vibrant geometric patterns and color combinations combine in a series of wall-mounted constructions made of salvaged and painted lath.  Layered and complex, these words individually suggest quilt patterns, typography, weaving patterns and coalesce as a whole to suggest a dialogue between forms.

Celeste Cooning

When You Wish…

Rooted in the tradition of figurative painting, Celeste Cooning’s distinctive white cut-paper installations are an elegant exploration of decorative pattern and light. The artist’s interest in how pattern and ornament interacts with light has led her to site-specific and environmental works seeking to cultivate wonder, awe, and nurture our sense of joy and mindfulness in our daily lives.


Thomas Street at Boren Ave N

Bradly Gunn

Reflections of Future’s Past

Seeking to link Seattle’s past to its present, artist/architect Bradly Gunn’s constructions are a series of visual erasures related to the buildings that no longer stand in the South Lake Union neighborhood.  Working with historical photos, Gunn has abstracted the historical landscape into a compelling reflection of the current life and vitality of the neighborhood even as it continues to change.

Harmony Boom Island

Up a Tree

A collaboration between Christine Malek and P. Calavara, Harmony Boom Island is a multi-media project including books, stuffed animals, comics and paintings exploring this idea of a living island and inhabitants playing out a morality tale of redemption, community, and donuts.


John Street at Boren Ave N

Anastasia Zielinski


It Begins

Seeking to create a moment of pause, Anastasia Zielinski’s constructed landscapes are fabricated from paper, fabric, sequins, mirror and other materials.  Layered and manipulated in with a painterly touch, these elements coalesce into the shimmering landscape of a starry night, and then fragment into their individual elements.


About Shunpike:

Founded in 2001 and based in Seattle, Shunpike is a non-profit organization that provides independent, Washington-based artists with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.  Shunpike’s fiscal sponsorship services and capacity-building initiatives strengthen the independent arts sector and its Storefronts program activates neighborhoods and streets by matching artists and pop-up creative enterprises with vacant retail space.

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